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PEPFAR-Funded Program

Aurum has been a leading care and treatment program implementing partner under PEPFAR, funded through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) SA since 2006.
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Grant GGH001981 09/30/2016 – 09/29/2021 - $142m to date

Programmatic Implementation and Technical Assistance for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Prevention, Care, and Treatment Services throughout the Health System in South Africa under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Aurum has been a leading care and treatment program implementing partner under PEPFAR, funded through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) SA since 2006.

As the prime recipient on this present grant, Aurum leads a consortium with exceptional experience and skills to implement evidence-based epidemic control activities in four priority districts in South Africa – Ekurhuleni, Bojanala, Ngaka Modiri Molema and Dr Kenneth Kaunda. Further funding is directed to support Tshwane District through Wits Reproductive Health Institute.

Our program aligns to the PEPFAR 3.0 agenda, supporting: (1) Epidemiological priorities in the over 300 public facilities we support as well as in priority populations; (2) Programmatic prioritisation to focus resources toward sustainably achieving the 90-90-90 targets, including TB control; and (3) Use of real-time data to maximize service efficiency and effectiveness.

Aurum implements a program of activities to support decentralized delivery of comprehensive, integrated HIV and TB services, with robust monitoring and evaluation in the four priority districts. The aim of these implementation programs, each tailored to address gaps in epidemic control, are to (1) Scale-up high-quality direct clinical services; (2) Scale-up high-quality prevention services; (3) Implement high-impact key population interventions; (4) Drive sustainable health system strengthening; (5) Advance integrated strategic information management and usage; and (6) Develop and implement transition plans for sustainability.

Crucially, each implementation component of the program aligns with NDOH priorities to improve, expand and sustain epidemic control efforts in communities and health facilities by implementing: (1) Essential, evidence-based, interventions, which includes support for developing district implementation plans, cascade analysis and implementation of a differentiated delivery of care model, to increase the prevention and treatment capacity in the DOH; (2) Innovations in direct service delivery and technical support to maximize the effectiveness of our programs.

Since our first PEPFAR grant, Aurum has successfully managed and completed the following other PEPFAR grants under the CDC:


Grant: GPS000811 09/29/2007 – 09/28/2012 - $75m

Strengthening Workplace Interventions in SMME’s in South Africa

The goal of this project was HIV and TB prevention, care and treatment in the Republic of South Africa through Public-Private Partnerships.


Grant: GGH000162 09/30/2011 – 09/29/2016 - $57,3m

Staffing of Key Districts in South Africa

The goal of this project was to build sustainable local capacity and support the adequate staffing of health care facilities at the local, regional, and national level in South Africa’s public health system to deliver quality HIV prevention, care and treatment through a program of recruitment and secondment of staff to government facilities.


Grant: GGH000887 09/30/2012 – 09/29/2017 - $77,9m

Sustainable Health Systems Strengthening Through Facility-Based Technical Support

The goal of this project was to health systems in the facilities of 6 districts in South Africa as part of the PEPFAR hybrid model of health systems strengthening for the country.


Grant: GGH001175 04/01/2014 – 09/28/2018 - $30,4m

Support to Department of Correctional Services Administrative Regions in SA

The goal of this project, currently in a no-cost extension year, is to support and strengthen HIV and TB services and systems in facilities of South Africa’s Department of Correctional Services across the country.