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About Aurum

The Aurum Institute is a proudly African, public-benefit organisation with over 20 years’ experience in leading the response, treatment and research efforts to eradicate TB and HIV. We have been working alongside government, the mining industry, among NGO’s and in communities to better understand global health challenges to provide real solutions.

The Aurum Institute is a proudly African, public-benefit organisation

Our remit is to improve the health of people and communities through innovation in TB and HIV integration in global health areas. With our knowledge and skills, we are best suited to achieve this by:

  • Strengthening existing healthcare systems
  • Constantly innovating to improve the way things are done
  • Conducting research to determine the best ways and means to eliminating TB and HIV

We do this with one aim – to make a differential impact – underpinned by an evidence-based track record of excellence in delivery against programme objectives which have a transformational impact on health in the communities in which we work.

In the pursuit to eradicate the Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV pandemics, The Aurum Institute is an internationally recognised, specialist research and implementation organisation. An authority in our field, we were originally established in the mining sector.

Over the past 20 years, Aurum has grown from small beginnings and currently employs about 1200 staff (Figure 1), has an annual operating budget of $55 million and has managed grants in excess of $200 million that focus on TB and HIV research and health programmes.

The Aurum Institute has a for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary company (INNOVA) whose aim is to generate funds that can be used to support Aurum Institute’s core costs. The Aurum Institute has recently established Aurum Institute USA, based in Washington DC that will focus on fundraising, employing US-based personnel and grants management. As part of the Aurum Institute’s internationalisation, Aurum is also exploring establishing other offshore and in-country offices elsewhere where there is a compelling Global Health case to do so.


Aurum is a significant recipient of Federal, European and other institutional funding and has several years’ experience in grant management and reporting according to the varying rigorous funder requirements for outcomes and financial reporting.

The Institute’s capacity has been tested and audited by several independent agencies for process, governance and compliance and has always met the required standards or exceeded them in every respect.

Aurum maintains its own financial, human resources and information technology infrastructure to the highest standards to account for resources and protect patient and participant details and other sensitive information, as well as to ensure data safety through appropriate encrypted data backup systems.

Our Reach - Where We Work

Aurum is active in all nine provinces in South Africa and has offices in the USA. It also undertakes work in other African countries and Asia, with US, European and local collaborators.

figure 2
figure 4

Our History - Where We Come From

Aurum Health Research started as a wholly owned subsidiary company of AngloGold Health Services in 1998 and focused on meeting the needs of the AngloGold Ashanti with respect to TB, HIV and occupational lung diseases through epidemiology and implementation research and TB and HIV programmatic implementation. In 2002 it was contracted by the Anglo group to design and implement an HIV treatment programme, which became the first large-scale intervention of its kind.

The Aurum Institute was formed in 2005 when it gained its independence from AngloGold Health Service and is a registered not for profit, proudly South African, public benefit organisation.

An authority in our field, we have spent the last decade totally focused on researching, monitoring, training, treating and managing these two epidemics, as well as occupational and other diseases, making a substantial and measurable difference in the lives of people in Southern Africa, and ultimately in the region’s economy.

We have achieved this by formulating new and ethical ways of treating and preventing disease in the community. We conduct research programmes and clinical trials that not only influence public health policy but also aid the development of highly effective health systems that are urgently required to overcome the impact of Global Health issues.

Aurum’s mission is to improve the health of people and communities living in poverty through innovation in global health research, systems and delivery.

  • Translational research that seeks to inform international and national policy and practice in TB and HIV and other diseases.
  • Health programme management, implementation and technical support.
  • Implementation Research and Clinical Research.