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What We Do

We are a proudly South African, public-benefit organisation with over 20 years' experience in leading the response, treatment and research efforts to eradicate TB and HIV. We have been working quietly alongside government, the mining industry, among NGO's and in communities to better understand the epidemics to provide real solutions.

The Aurum Institute Grants Management support function has the overall responsibility for sourcing, aiding, applying and securing continuous and sustainable sources of funding through the development, writing and monitoring of funding proposals, external stakeholder regulations and reporting compliance, and building and maintaining partner and stakeholder relations.

Who We Are

The Aurum Institute Grants Management Department comprises of Grants and Contracts Officers and Grants Specialists. Ms Reney Peters is the Grants Manager responsible for the overall management of the Grants Department.

The Aurum Institute Grants Management Department’s vision is “to be an essential source of knowledge, coordination and administration of continuous and sustainable funding and compliance assurance that forms an integrated foundation of Aurum's strategy”.

reney peters

MS Reney Peters - Regional Grants Manager

Reney Peters (Grants Manager), is responsible for grants and contracts administration, she oversees compliance with funder regulations such as financial and progress reporting. She has 7 years of experience in grants administration, funder compliance and budget preparation. She further has 13 years of combined experience as a legal officer and financial accountant. She also has a dual role as the Personal Assistant to the CEO, Prof Gavin Churchyard, and the Deputy CEO, Dr Dave Clark and secretary of the Executive Committee and Senior Leadership Group Meetings.

What We Do

In alignment with the Aurum strategy and changes in the political, economic and technological landscapes, the Aurum Institute Grants Management Department is responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining a fully functional, effective and efficient GM Departmen
  • Developing standard operation procedures for acquiring continuous and sustainable sources of funding;
  • Developing policies for compliance with External Stakeholder regulations;
  • Coordination and administration of grants and contracts management;
  • Effective communication and training;
  • Building and maintaining effective Internal and External Stakeholder relations.

Quick Facts

  • Aurum was formed in 1998
  • Internationally recognised
  • Active in all 9 SA provinces
  • 1300+ Employees