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The Implementation Research Division is under the leadership of the Managing Director: Implementation Research Division - Professor Keitshepile Geoffrey Setswe.

The Implementation Research Division is responsible for conducting health research and scientific evaluations in the area of HIV prevention, care, and treatment. The Implementation Research Division is a multi-disciplinary group that applies scientific inquiry into questions concerning the implementation of policies, programmes or practices that contribute to national, regional and global strategies and targets.

We have a multi-disciplinary team that includes people with research expertise in medical statistics, epidemiology, health economics, psychology, public governance, health systems, health policy, and social behaviour communication. We collaborate with several local and international universities in research capacity development and in project development and implementation.

The Aurum Institute currently employs ten PhDs, with expertise which range from microbiology to analytical chemistry, immunology, epidemiology and social science. In addition, we currently employ Masters-trained individuals, of whom 5 are working towards their PhD. Our expertise range from Clinical Medicine, with specific expertise in HIV, TB and other infectious diseases to Epidemiology, Statistics, Mathematical Modelling, Health Economics, Microbiology and Social Behavioural Science.