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World TB Month: Aurum welcomes OPT4TPT consortium to SA

World TB Month: Aurum welcomes OPT4TPT consortium to SA

Aurum hosted the OPT4TPT (Optimising the delivery cascade for Tuberculosis preventive treatment among people living with HIV) study consortium to discuss preliminary findings and identify opportunities for future research. The workshop coincides with World TB Awareness Month and marks a global effort to ending TB.

The study is a three-year programmatic assessment of TB Preventive Therapy (TPT) delivery across three countries to generate critical knowledge to improve TPT uptake, implementation and outcomes and is in collaboration with the IMPAACT4TB project.

Consortium members provided successes in TPT implementation in their respective countries. In Zimbabwe, investing in contact tracing to support TPT initiations among Household Contacts saw success while in Ethiopia, a total of 13,324 clients have been initiated on 3HP, a short-course TB preventive therapy regimen, including 3,208 child contacts in Ethiopia and SA saw an increase in 3HP buy-in due to a pilot model for 3HP.

Aurum Chief Specialist Scientist, Prof Violet Chihota provided the TPT guidelines and research priorities, where she noted the urgent need to develop ultra and micro short course TPT for drug susceptible and resistant TB infection.

Opt4TPT is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is being implemented by the Aurum Institute in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, as well as KNCV, Clinton Health Access Initiative and Ministries of Health in project countries.

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