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Strengthen health systems to reach epidemic control

Strengthen health systems to reach epidemic control

Poorly designed health system will consistently produce sub-standard results despite our best efforts, says Lauren de Kock, Aurum Regional Director: Continuous Quality Improvement and Training. “Controlling HIV epidemic will not become a reality until there is a drastic shift by funders, national and local ministries of health, and non-governmental organisations, from implementing a barrage of uncoordinated activities to deliberate focus on strengthening and redesigning the systems of delivery.”

She was speaking at the 2022 Controlling the HIV Epidemic Summit hosted by the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) in partnership with UNAIDS this week.

The summit brings together academics, clinicians, and community leaders to share their concepts, ideas, and innovations about interventions, policies, and strategies to achieve and sustain HIV epidemic control.

De Kock presented on Avoiding Failure: Coordinated HIV Service Delivery Systems.

Watch her presentation here. 

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