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Royal Bafokeng leader visits Aurum Rustenburg CRS

Royal Bafokeng leader visits Aurum Rustenburg CRS

The Aurum Rustenburg Clinical Research Site  (CRS) welcomed His Royal Highness (HRH), Dr Koketso Rakhudu, leader of the Royal Bafokeng Nation’s community of Tsitsing, and Chief Executive Director of Education Training and Development Centre of Koketso Rakhulu Foundation for a site tour and discussions in forging youth empowerment collaborative programs and facilitating access to youth friendly services with the Aurum site.

The site has been actively recruiting participants for research studies in the communities governed by the Royal Bafokeng Nation since inception in 2007.

As part of the implementation of Good Participatory Practice guidelines, Dr William Brumskine, Aurum Rustenburg Site leader credits this meeting as a move to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that will enable improved healthcare access for youth within the community.

This is due to a common goal between The Koketso Rakhudu Foundation and the current clinical research underway at the Aurum site.

“We look forward to working with His Royal Highness, Dr Koketso Rakhudu and his foundation to further explore areas of collaboration, especially pertaining to youth and friendly health care services.” said Dr Brumskine.

Dr Koketso Rakhudu is the Royal Bafokeng Nation Youngest serving leader of the Community of Tsitsing.

He is also the founder of the Koketso Rakhudu Foundation which aims to help and support initiatives that promote education, culture exchange and community development.

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