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Revolutionising Pediatric TB Prevention: Insights from the Rifapentine Dispersible Formulation Webinar

Revolutionising Pediatric TB Prevention: Insights from the Rifapentine Dispersible Formulation Webinar

In a monumental stride towards global tuberculosis (TB) prevention, a powerhouse collaboration of leading organisations recently convened a groundbreaking webinar on the dispersible formulation of rifapentine. Hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO), Unitaid, IMPAACT4TB Consortium, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) , Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and The Aurum Institute, this event illustrated the path towards accessible and effective pediatric TB preventive treatment.

The webinar, held last week, was a convergence of expertise, insights, and innovative solutions aimed at addressing one of the most pressing global health challenges – childhood TB. From community perspectives to technical demonstrations, the session encompassed a comprehensive exploration of the dispersible pediatric 3HP formulation and its integration into TB preventive treatment programs.

At the forefront of community engagement was Tendayi Westerhof from PAPWC CSO, whose invaluable insights provided a crucial understanding of community-centred approaches for effective TB prevention. Their contribution highlighted the importance of grassroots involvement in shaping strategies that resonate with local populations.

Dr. Juli Sitwala from Aurum took the opportunity to showcase a comprehensive video demonstration, elucidating the process of administering dispersible pediatric 3HP. This visual aid not only enhanced the audience's understanding but also underscored the simplicity and feasibility of the administration process.

Dr. Switala, Aurum’s Senior Technical Specialist, provided a visual demonstration of administering dispersible pediatric 3HP, further emphasizing the practicality and potential impact of this innovative formulation.

Nicole Salazar-Austin of Johns Hopkins delved into IMPAACT4TB and care delivery models, offering insights crucial for evidence-based strategies in pediatric TB prevention. Her exploration of service delivery and evidence for pediatric TPT laid the foundation for enhanced care protocols.

Makaita Gombe, also from Aurum, shed light on the transformative potential of IMPAACT4TB and Early Market Access Vehicle (EMAV) opportunities. These initiatives represent significant strides towards universal access to TB prevention for children worldwide, offering hope for a future free from the burden of this disease.

Vinash Kanchar from WHO emphasised the efficacy of TB Preventive Treatment (TPT) in the pediatric population, underscoring its role in preserving lives and providing long-lasting protection against TB.

Dessislava Tarlton from Unitaid set the stage for the session, igniting anticipation as discussions unfolded around the advancement of pediatric-friendly TB preventive treatment. Guided by Dennis Falzon from WHO and Mike Frick from Treatment Action Group TAG, the webinar created dynamic exchanges led by international experts, fuelling momentum towards tangible solutions.

As we reflect on the insights gleaned from this groundbreaking webinar, it's evident that we stand at the precipice of transformative change in pediatric TB prevention. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, we can realise a future where every child has access to life-saving TB preventive treatment.

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