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#IASONEVOICE: COVID-19 weighs on SA’s HIV and TB burden

#IASONEVOICE: COVID-19 weighs on SA’s HIV and TB burden

Tanya Nielson, Managing Director of the Clinical Research Division, has been featured in the International AIDS Society (IAS) #IASONEVOICE campaign.

The IAS is the world’s largest association of HIV professionals who speak united to advocate and drive urgent action to reduce the global impact of HIV.
#IASONEVOICE brings the stories, opinions, and perspectives of IAS Members in 170 countries around the world.
Nielson shares how COVID-19 weighs on South Africa’s HIV and TB burden.
She writes about the importance of maintaining access to sustained HIV and TB care during this time and highlights some of the innovations Aurum has implemented to do this.

Click here to read the full article. https://www.iasociety.org/Membership/IASONEVOICE/Stories/COVID-19-weighs-on-South-Africas-HIV-and-TB-burden

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