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Aurum Leadership Roadshow takes Klerksdorp

Aurum Leadership Roadshow takes Klerksdorp

Aurum Leadership is on the move once again, and this time we've joined forces with the remarkable Aurum Klerksdorp Clinical Research and Health Systems.

Opening the day, Group CEO, Prof Gavin Churchyard, declared 2024 as a year of delivery and opportunity for Aurum. As we dive into the journey of securing sustainability, Group COO Prof Dave Clark emphasized our commitment to serving a growing population.

Klerksdorp native, Group Science Officer, Salome Charaloumbous, shared the magic of Aurum's interconnected programs and research that speak volumes to the organisations mission and vision.

And let's not forget the heartbeat of our organization – our incredible workforce! Group Chief HR Officer, Michael McMillan, pledged to build and sustain a superior team carrying this vision forward.

Group Chief Growth Officer, Karin Kanewske Turner celebrated Aurum's active participation in global health conferences. She reminded us that Growth and Business Development are everyone's responsibility.

SA CEO, Prof Vinodh Edward, challenged us all to be brave and hold ourselves accountable for delivering excellence in global health.

"Refuse to be mediocre, and let's always be number one. Show your pride in being part of the Aurum Family!" said Prof Edward.

Our Communications Director, Kanya Ndaki, encouraged the team to shine through impactful storytelling, to showcase how our work makes a difference in the communities we serve.

In closing, Prof Gavin Churchyard reflected on the inspiration he gains from being amongst the incredible Aurum colleagues on this Roadshow.

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